This was written 6 years ago and needs to be updated.

The Other Side of Oblivion

This is a world forged from the remnants of destroyed realities. Worlds died to make this, our new home. From those ashes, new life was brought into being. People, histories, gods, worlds bound in an amalgam of whole cloth spun from the quintessence of existence! And as before, this world spins toward annihilation. We are the last hope of these fragments to survive.

Champions have been chosen from the reborn to be the heroes and monsters of this shadow play for existence. Death is on the line, and there will be no quarter should they fail.

This is a beta test campaign set in a world of my design for publication. To participate players must sign a confidentiality agreement, perform routine updates, and answer regular surveys to improve the setting and the game mechanics.

Learn about me!
Learn about the world!
Learn about the people!
Learn about the rules!

If you’re ready to get started, go to the forums. I’ll see you there.

Shards of Quintessence

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